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XSitePro 2 Templates


Website templates seem to have grown into their own mini industry in recent years. Whilst many people can master the use of website creation software and even become proficient in HTML, coming to grips with graphic design skills are another thing altogether. Add to this the seemingly restricted and "dated" choices of templates in many software packages and you have a real issue to contend with.

Fortunately for users of the XSitePro 2 software package, this issue is not a problem. Finding a suitable XSitePro 2 template for your website is not a matter of having to settle for a lame cookie cutter solution, but rather an issue of which one of over 300 (including the free bonus pack) to choose!

XsitPro2 comes with a remarkable selection of templates that will provide you with a template that will fit in well with your website theme. The templates are modern, clean and SEO friendly in their design and layout.

If the 300 XSitePro templates still do not meet your particular needs or taste, then modifying, or totally redesigning your own unique template for XSite Pro 2 is a very simple process.

When you initially tackle the task of modifying a template, it may seem a little daunting, but do not be put off, it really is a straightforward process that most of us can become proficient in.

The following steps outline the procedure you need to follow to create your own unique, fresh and stylish XSitePro 2 template.

1. As you would expect, pre-planning forms the foundation to a successful result. You should focus on the layout of your intended template. The layout will be absolutely determined by your particular taste and the "style" of website that you are trying to achieve. Issues like menu positioning, theme, style and the graphic "message" your site is trying to communicate all should be well thought out and addressed before you begin the XSitePro 2 template design process. You may find that your site may be more effective and communicate a clear message without any graphics – the choice is entirely yours. XSitePro2 has an illustrated graphic guide known as the "Pop-Up Panels Illustration" that can assist you in identifying the key essentials of your XSitePro template project. The other essential issues to address at this stage of the process, is the proportions of the template you are going to design.

2. With your new XSitePro2 template "plan" in hand, you proceed to lay out your mock page in a graphic design package (there are a large number of very easy to use graphic programs available for free on the net).

3. After completing the mock layout in your graphic program, overlay the page layout you came up with in the Step 1. To ensure that your template design looks professional, paste the correctly sizes rectangles (the proportions are detailed in XSitePro) onto the design as layers. Alternately you can use rulers / guides from your graphic design package.

4. Once you have achieved a result you are happy with, you then go about importing your new XSitePro template into XSitePro. This is achieved by cutting the design into the corresponding component parts that make up your web page (as indicated in the XSitePro2 "Pop-Up Panels Illustration").

5. To use your newly created web page into XSitePro2, the component parts (newly created graphic files) are set as backgrounds of the different panels in an XSitePro2 template. This procedure should only take a few minutes to complete as you only have a limited number of component graphic parts to layout in XSitePro.

6. The final step is to save your new design as a fully customized XSitePro template that you can use again and again when you need it. To modify it slowly and change colors, backgrounds etc. is straightforward, which will allow you to create multiple common themed sites from your own proprietary XSitePro2 templates.

If this sounds a little too challenging for you, never fear, the other quick and simple method of XSitePro template creation is to simply modify an existing XSitePro template by altering or omitting specific components that you chose.

As with a number of its other features, XSitePro template design and moderation is straight forward and achievable for even the most graphically challenged webmaster.


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