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What You Should Know About Building Your Website With Web Site Design Templates


Most web designers, whether beginning enthusiasts or novice web masters, will fail miserably at building their own web site design. The first thing that comes to their mind when building a web site is, an elaborate web page filled with colors, graphics, images and special effects. The end result usually ends up with an over assortment of images and graphics- often moving and poke out to steal your viewer’s attention. They’ll use an over-elaborate link structure that takes your visitor on a journey to the gates of no return. Others will embed flash components, video or excessive audio… just to name a few.

And just where do these “doomed to fail” website design disasters come from? Many are crafted and created by “so called” professional web designers of course. That’s what they do- design websites that LOOK GREAT. They’re not in the market of designing web sites that work, they’re designing web sites that sell. These days, everyone is searching for the “new look” or new appeal in website design. But are they really functional? In most all cases, they’re NOT!

Website Template Design Exposed

Many web design companies don’t even know the first thing on how to design a website. What they do is choose a web site design template created by someone else from a catalog of thousands. What kind of website design template do you need? A pharmacy meds template? A Harley-Davidson motorcycle template? How about a gourmet coffee website template? What’s your website template pleasure? There are millions to choose from.

The HTML markup code on these boxed, ready for deployment website template packages are in most cases- a prescription for website coding disaster. Web designers pick a web design, change a few images or graphics, add the customer’s content and Wha La! They just turned over probably hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a website that looks great- but functionally on the World Wide Web, it’s D.O.A. That’s what you get in Cracker Jacks. Anyone can pop pop-corn, add caramel and peanuts and call it cracker jacks. That’s exactly what most web designer do.

Website template buyers should beware. Just because a website template looks pretty and it looks professional, doesn’t mean it’s entirely functional. You should learn to know the difference.

Before selecting or purchasing a pre-designed web site template, make sure to put it through the test cycle. Ask first and/or check to see if it’s web compliant. Run the web site design template, using the W3C Markup Validation Service located at If it fails the test, scrap the design for one that will. Don’t start your website project on the wrong track. Use caution when using pre-designed web site templates


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