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Creating a professional website may prove to be a challenge for many people. It is for this reason that many prefer the use of web page templates, which offer provide pre-designed web sites which one can easily download and personalize by inputting relevant information. In essence these templates form the basic structure of any website. Those who acquire the use of templates either do not know how to create their own website or are in a hurry to get a site up and running in the shortest time possible. The uses of web page templates, therefore, may or may not be computer savvy. The use of web page templates, whether for personal or corporate use may be for various uses including display of information or products, creating an online blog or web photo galleries.

The designs and structure of web page templates, including those for offline presentations vary according to intended use and preference of the use. Basic templates otherwise calls static web page templates, are simple and consist of few colors and limited graphics or video capability. In contrast, more elaborate and dynamic web page templates, which stand out more, employ the use of several applications which enable the use of graphics and video capability in order to enhance a website. Applications used on these dynamic web page templates, often come embedded with the template, thus, the user just inputs the relevant data and the applications take effect.

Most web templates are purchased from providers at given rate depending on their particular design and layout. However many developers are offer free basic templates under certain conditions such as acknowledgement or advertising of products on the users’ site. Other sites offer complimentary templates, as an added bonus in addition to their regular content. However, more elaborate templates are usually purchased due to the work that goes into their development. The rate charged may also increase if the template is to be customized for the user. The web page templates, whether purchased or downloaded at no charge they all have conditions of use. Re-use, redistribution or resale of an acquired template without prior consent from the developer of the web page templates, often leads to copyright infringement. Most service providers avail a license agreement as well as terms and conditions. It is advisable to go through this document before one acquires a template.

Most web templates are downloaded along with a set of instructions that the user requires for easy installation. They are usually in HTML format which can easily be edited or modified using the HTML editor on ones computer. Other application such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks can also be used to edit web page templates, in addition to enhancing graphics.

One should follow the procedures to the letter, as majority of web template providers do not take liability for any incidences or damage that takes place during the process of downloading or modifying the template. This condition also applies to the inability to use the template. However many providers can be contacted for support by e-mail, in case of any eventualities.


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