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Build WordPress Themes from Scratch

Build WordPress Themes from Scratch

[Deal – 5 Days]

Video Course: How to Build WordPress Themes from Scratch.
You’ll master using WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS and everything needed to build custom websites.


  • 20+ video classes, more than 2 hours of courses.
  • No coding experience necessary.
  • Learn basic WordPress setup.
  • Master WordPress theme creation – PHP Code, HTML5 and CSS3, Plugin API Hooks, Dynamic Navigation Menus, Custom Page Templates and so much more.
  • Learn at your own pace – watch and rewatch unlimited number of times.

About the Instructor:

Professional Web Developer Rob Dey has great experince with full-stack (front/back-end) development. He’s built websites for major companies and brands including Coca-Cola, Toyota, First Data, Bennigan’s and more.

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Has 11 years of experience in the Business Development, IT and Multimedia sector. A Founder at Qira Studio'also a leading Malaysia online consultancy. Nuzul Nazera is currently Group CEO and Founder of Qira Studio Solutions online business agency.