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Top Key Tricks of Cheap Web Hosting


Those cheap web hosting providing basic features which are good enough for those who requires simple HTML pages does not look like they are capable to serve large corporations which require larger volume of resources, and huge infrastructures such as server, system & any other hardware. However reality shows that cheap companies are doing well in this industry. How do they attract their customers and sustain their business competitively in this industry? What are their tricks?

Trick 1 – these cheap web hosting companies claimed that they will offer 24/7 customer service to their customers. They even display their toll free numbers on their website. In actual fact, most of them do not seem to work as per claimed, most of the customers’ calls were not being attended during weekends and night-time, leaving the customers unattended and helpless. 24/7 customer support sounds more like a marketing tactics than a real courtesy for the customers.

Trick 2 – provide empty promises to their customers of getting free download after they subscribe for the web hosting service. These customers only discovered that they didn’t get the free downloads as per promise after the subscriptions which is too late.

Trick 3 – artificially generating user forums without the real testimonials from real customers is yet another way of promoting their cheap web services. The objective is to send visitors with the impression that they have a lot of satisfied customers. So, you know well that not every customers’ forum are furnished with real customers testimonials. It is definitely more trust-worthy if you know the referral in person to ensure the integrity of the web host’s reputation and quality.

Trick 4 – the lure of offering all the necessary hosting resources unlimited such as bandwidth, disk space, memory, etc to their customers. The truth is, with so many customers that they have, which is often more than what they can bear, there are unlikely enough resources for everyone, not to mentioned some which will require for additional bandwidth or disk space due to the huge download files which they have. It is not surprising to find most of these customers facing unexpected downtime having their websites to be inoperative during the downtime which have brought losses and complaints from their customers.

Trick 5 – boosting the security features offered for their clients against internet hackers, protection against spam and illegal terrorisms on websites, blogs, servers etc. In reality, the level of security provided by these cheap web hosting providers are way too little and poor in context and quality to protect their online customers. Unscrupulous Hackers seriously damage their online businesses, stealing their highly confidential company and personnel information for their own benefits and profits, which bring nothing but losses to the online business owners.

Trick 6 – provide only limited selections of hosting plans for their online customers to select from. These plans ranged from 2 years and beyond. This is one of the strategies used by these companies with their intention to tie down their customers by signing up for these contracts to avoid them from turning to other service providers in the event that they are unsatisfied with the services provided.

Avoid yourself from getting trapped into any of these tricks help to prolong one’s hosting life span with the ability to grow their online business in the near future.


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