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Top 5 Ways in Making WordPress Work For You


If I mention WordPress and all you can equate it to is blogs or if you still think that WordPress is limited to being an exclusive blogging platform – you have been left behind in the Digital Age my friend! From its blogging roots, it has been branching out for many years and today you can create a website for your business right in WordPress. Why should you choose it when there are so many other options out there? What are the benefits in deciding to go with WordPress? Here are my top 5 ways it can work for you and your business:

Make use of its easy Customization.

Hire a WordPress Designer to customize or create a theme especially for your company or business. WordPress can be used as a Content Management System (CMS) and this means that after your Designer has developed the site for you, you can login at the backend yourself when there are simple changes to be made to your website. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to do this, if you know how to use Microsoft Word or any other software, you can pretty much update your site content via WordPress as well. It is user-friendly and uncomplicated. This saves you a lot of time and money. It also gives you control on the way your site is ran.

Pick the most useful Functionalities.

Because it is Open-source, many built-in tools and plug-ins have already been developed and if there is a functionality you need on your website, you are sure to find it! You can pretty much add a host of features you have on your list. Do you need forms on your site? How about YouTube videos? Or perhaps you want Google Analytics to track your outbound links and site downloads? Say you want your site to be easily translatable in different languages? Or you intend to sell something on your site? All these and more can be done in WordPress, just be precise in your website needs and mention these desired functionalities to your WordPress Designer, and you need not look any further.

Be friends with its robust Support.

Apart from its reliable maintenance and security tools, WordPress has a very active online community where you will find robust support. There are keen WordPress designers and developers everywhere who are experienced, have tried and tested and written about it. So, if there is any specific help you need, support is just a click away. Visit forums, design and tech blogs exploring the many different ways WordPress is used. Problems and issues tackled are discussed everywhere. So there are no worries when you feel you have hit a glitch. It is most probably been dealt with by so many others! Your WordPress Designer is very likely to be an active participant in these forums and communities and knows where to look for ample support.

Implement effective SEO.

Get a WordPress Designer that also understands Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that from the very beginning your website is developed with SEO in mind. If you want a lot of traffic on your website, you want a first page Google ranking, and you want a substantial amount of subscribers, then your Designer should definitely optimize your WordPress website and develop it to be very search engine-friendly. This type of Internet Marketing should be right at the forefront of your website plan so you can achieve the goals of broadening your reach to not just current customers but to the tens of thousands of potential customers. Let people find you in one Google search.

Turn on continuous Interactivity.

As it was originally a blog publishing platform, WordPress has perfected the art of building a community base of blog or website followers. On all the pages on your site and every article you post, a follower or subscriber can post comments. This is your chance to interact with your customers and clients on a regular basis. Build a following by continuously interacting and conversing on areas affecting your business or the industry at large. Content is targeted as these are articles written for your company blog. Spam attacks are not a problem as you can also turn on the ability to moderate the comments before they are published. The simple act of opening the floor for comments and diligently replying to them opens many doors of possibilities for your business. Your followers spread the word about your products and services, they also give life to your company, and generate new business. Just remember to hit the reply button.


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