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Top 3 Free Website Builders


When you set out to create a website on your own you can either pay someone a lot of money to do it for you or you can do it yourself and save with a website builder. If you opt for a website builder, you want to make sure you find a one that has a lot of features, is easy to use, and if possible, is free to use. While the old saying of “You get what you pay” for is generally true, as far as website builders go, there are plenty of freebies out there these days that will do just as good a job, if not better, as the high cost website builders will.

It’s not really a problem finding free website builders nowadays, but rather knowing which ones are the best. The following three free website builders are on the top of almost every top ten list both on and offline and are a great place to go should you wish to create your website free of charge:

1. Wix: Wix is not only a free website builder, but it is a free Flash builder. Any website you create with Wix will be one that is totally reliant on Flash to give it the look and feel of a very expensively made website. All you have to do is choose what pages you want for your website and then use a template as a guide to help you figure out where to place your own information. You can also ignore the suggestions and place text, picture, video, an more really anywhere you see fit. Easy to use and tool rich, Wix easily makes it into the top tree.

2. Moonfruit: Moonfruit is another easy to use website builder that offers a lot of bang for no buck. You have total control over your website as far as design goes and they have many templates that you can choose from. Customizing a template to make it your own individual website is as easy as dragging and dropping and pointing and clicking.

3. Webnode: Webnode offers a huge variety of website templates for you to select from. Like the others, you can easily and effectively create your own website using simple drag and drop and point and click applications. Webnode also has the ability to help you make your website SEO ready if you so desire. No matter how fancy or involved you are planning for your website to be, you can accomplish all your goals with Webnode.

It is simply amazing the level of service and the level of features that you can get these days with free website creation software. If you are planning on building a website then there is no reason of you to have to pay a huge amount of money to someone else to design it for you. You can make a great looking website and bring your dreams online with any one of these three top free website builders.


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