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Tips and Tricks on How to Become Friends With Someone on Facebook


Once you join the social networking site of Facebook you will want to add friends. Adding buddy is simple and easy and can help you connect with more people than you know. You can reconnect with family and build friendship that you have not seen in years. Just follow these quick and easy steps to adding a friends.

How to Become Friends with Someone on Facebook – Facebook Tips and Tricks

1.Connect to the internet and open up a web browser.

2.Go to

3.Log into your valid account.

4.Search for colleague that you may know. You can also search through the friend’s pages of friend’s that you already have and see if any of their friend’s are people that you want to be friends with.

5.Check the profile page out for the friend that you want to add to make sure that it is definitely one you want to be friends with.

6.Once you make sure, click add as a friend.

8.You will then be asked to enter in the security code.

9.Once you do this your friend’s request will be sent to that person for approval.

10.You will now wait for the friend to confirm you as a friend on Facebook.

Facebook will send you a notification once the friend has approved you as their buddy. You can add more as many people as you want on Facebook. Make sure that you let them know who you are when friending them.


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