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The Importance of Bespoke Web Design


Why is bespoke website design so important?

When starting a business it is tempting to choose a website template, especially if you are on a tight budget. Or you may wish to try and design the website yourself. However, not all of us have the experience, time or skills required to do this. Most of us would like a unique website that will stand out from the crowd, so a generic template that other people may have used to build their website is not an option, and trying to find a template that fits exactly with the theme of your website and promotes your point of difference is almost impossible. In this case a bespoke website design is probably the best option.

The visual design of your website and the layout of your content should grab your visitor’s attention and generate a good deal of sales. With this in mind, your website should have a clear call to action, so your visitors can easily contact you, visit your portfolio or perform any other action you wish them to take. As template based website’s are generic and built at little cost, they are often badly designed and do very little to convert your visitors into sales.

In a World of stock templates and similar websites there is little wonder that some people get confused or even bored of uncreative websites. It is no wonder why in a crowded online market, it is important to have a bespoke designed website, differentiating yourself from your competitors. Like everything in life, first impressions count and this is true with virtually all types of websites. If your website doesn’t have that all important “wow” factor, then your bounce rate will most probably be high. This means that you are losing all those visitors, that you have worked hard to find. The end result could be missed sales opportunities and nobody wants that, especially if you are trying to sell products or services through your website. It is important to give your visitors buyer confidence, an enjoyable on-line experience, ease of navigation, relevant information. A professional bespoke website design will help you achieve this.

First impressions count, especially when it comes to preventing people from clicking on the dreaded back button! So how do you prevent your visitors from only spending a couple of seconds on your website before they may decide to continue their search and head back to Google, another search engine or business directory? The answer is simple, the visual appearance and design of your website! Web users usually tend to form their first impression within less than a second of landing on your website page. In fact researchers found that the brain makes a decision in just a 20th of a second!

If you are interested in getting a bespoke website for your business, check out this web designer that builds responsive website from scratch using popular content management systems such as WordPress.


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