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Site Flipping Tips and Tricks


The art of buying and flipping sites has become a huge business for people online, it requires the buyer to be very knowledgeable to get the best deals as possible which puts money in his pocket. Today I want to go through 3 particular powerful site selling tips that can help you put even more money in your pocket.

Typically when selling a website, the offers and bids only come when you have proof as to how much income and traffic your website is getting. This is a great reason for the seller to place Google Analytics on your websites from day one, this will allow you to show interested buyers the data and traffic that has flown through your site from the start. The more serious site flippers will know a sites potential only after very carefully considering these and other factors into place. Google Analytics allows you to easily export all traffic based information to a pdf or csv file so you can easily email or share the data with interested buyers.

These factors are very important to the potential buyer so they can gauge whether your site is earning money or has the potential to earn money in the near or distant future. It is always good to be open about your sites data analytics so they can make the decision themselves based upon statistics, this also leaves the seller happy that he has provided something of value to the buyer. A veteran site flipper will want at least 6 months of analytic data from your Google account, this is why I always suggest when building sites you always place that Analytics code within your page as soon as possible.

A mistake many site buyers were making was buying sites that only looked to be established but were in fact quickly slapped together, this is a great reason to find out domain age and rank. Domain age can help you determine how long the site has been online and Page rank will usually come to a site with age and some sort of seniority within Google. A lot of site sellers are very amateur in how they operate and sell websites, they are coming up with great domain names and slapping a site on it quick and then ultimately flipping it as a site that has been established online for years. In some cases these people even lie about the income earned and analytic data in order to get a quick and fat payday. Buyer Beware

These are some small things to take into consideration the next time you are about to buy a website, some people are looking to make money by selling sites and others by buying sites. Believe me there is a lot of money to be made doing both but you have to be very smart and observant.

In closing, I would like to say that website flipping is like any other business out there, it takes time and dedication. Keep at it, and you can make a lot of money and really make a huge investment into your future as the online marketplace of buying and selling sites is going to become the next real estate boom.


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