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SEO Tips – Website Vs Single Page, Which Is Best?


Do you optimize your website or individual web pages?

This is the dilemma that many people have.

The trouble is, Google is changing all the time and nobody knows the exact way in which Google works so you have to decide which way is best for you.

The two options:

Your Website = YourSiteURL

Single Web Page = YoursiteURL/specificwebpage

Your main website URL will be seen by Google as stronger than your individual pages. This is because your main URL has more incoming links than the individual pages are. The trick here is to optimize your single pages with different but strong keywords. If you are trying to use too many keywords on your main website, you cannot optimize it so effectively.

For example: Your Farm in Essex website would have separate web pages all optimized for different keywords: – this would need to be optimized for your target keywords:

Farms in Essex, etc

YoursiteURL/farmsinessex – optimized for the search term:

Farms in Essex, etc

YoursiteURL/places-to-visit in Essex – optimized for the search term:

Places to visit in Essex, etc

These Keyword Specific web pages which are additional on your website menu may be hidden and the only reason of these pages is to generate more visitors. Making the keywords more specific will help gain your website more traffic.

Trying to optimize using all of the keywords on your main URL will make it harder and take longer for you to achieve getting your site onto the first page of Google.

So, by adding the specific and powerful keywords and loading them onto single pages makes it easier for Google to understand what you are doing and what you want to achieve with your website. Thus, getting you onto the first page of Google a lot faster and with a lot less work from yourself.


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