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SEO Tips and Tricks on Reciprocal Links


If you are thinking about a strong link building campaign, but don’t know what you should do, or how to do it, let me help you with a few SEO tips and tricks on links. Reciprocal Links are generated when two websites agree to have a link to one another. Exchanges, Partners or Swaps are some of the terms used to describe Reciprocal Linking. Links benefit you in two ways, one is they increase your web site traffic because of the people who click on your links and the other one is they play a major role in boosting your rank among search engines.

There is a great possibility of overdoing reciprocal links. That is why getting good, solid and quality reciprocal links should be one of your top priorities in building up your marketing strategy. We can begin by finding good link partners is to do a search on major search engines, like “Google” or “Yahoo.” Try to search for websites that compliment your but do not have direct competition.

Also try to bear in mind that the easier and automated a reciprocal can be, the more risky it is that you may find yourself doing what search engines do not like. Doing this may get your links involved in link exchange farms that leads to different websites that are totally irrelevant to yours.

When visiting a competitor’s web site try to find out who their link partners are. Clicking on those reciprocal links will bring you to the competitors’ link partners. Examining these results should give you an idea on the trend of who your competitors are using for link exchange. This Link swaps should be linking to your web site, by knowing these it should give you a clear approach on who you should do link exchange.

Link swaps can be an ideal way of promoting your website. It may be tedious and work intensive at first but can provide you with a good stepping ground for your web site future development.


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