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Search The Web in a New Fashion Using Opera Coast In iPhone


We have been using different web bowers for years to browse the internet. But to most of the fact, almost every web browser does much the same thing with much the same features and much the same way. There is hardly any worthy difference between the way they work and the features they offer. But the good news is the plot is now changing; at least this is what Opera is trying to do.

With a new and different web browser called Opera Coast, Opera Software is trying to change the scenario a bit. According to the company Opera Coast is “extremely easy to use, fast, secure, stable and all of those other big buzz words we like. And, it’s an entirely new experience for browsing the web”. This web browser is made for iOS devices and first debuted on iPad, last September.

If you haven’t tried the app yet, then it is the right time to do so. It is a completely free app and runs on devices running iOS 6 and later.

What separates Opera Coast from other web browsers?

The app is a fresh take on web browsing in iPad and iPhone and the way it works is very much different from the rest of the web browsers. The first difference you will notice in Opera Coast is that it doesn’t has the conventional address/search bar and forward and backward buttons. Instead it has two buttons: home button and recent sites button. The home button is used to jump directly to the home screen of the app and, recent sites button is used to open a list of recently opened websites.

To some part Opera Coast feels like a tiny operating system for websites. It runs in full-screen mode and treats websites like apps. The home screen of the app is where all the websites’ icons are present and you have all the power to modify and rearrange the icons on home screen. The good thing about accessing websites in the app is that you can resume them where you left off each time you visit.

Opera Coast also features a search option. All you have to do is pull down the “Search the web” option on home screen, which will navigate you to a screen where you can enter the search term or a URL. The app also consists of one more feature called “Stuff we like” which automatically suggests you a list of websites based on what other users are viewing at in your geographic area. Finally, the app also has a cloud syncing feature that securely syncs your app browser settings across various devices running the same browser.

Availing support when required:

It is never always right to say that the products you are using will always remain free from error or they will never break down. Even the best made products create issues. The same goes for Opera Coast and other Opera products. The Opera web browser or the Opera Coast that you are using might be working fine, but there are chances that issues may also arise with them. To make things easier for you the Opera support experts offer their seasoned support nonstop. This service can be availed by simply dialing the Opera system tech support phone number as per your convenience.


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