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Why does your restaurant need digital signage today?

Why does your restaurant need digital signage today?

You must have already seen your competitors opt for digital signboards. The question is no longer, whether your business needs a digital signage. It is rather, what are the advantages your company will enjoy in case you do opt for narrowcasting.

To understand the benefits first, you must explore the sheer variety of digital signage types restaurants can employ. The most common types include:

  1. Digital menu boards that also contain images of items on the menu
  2. Digital signage for displaying latest offers and items on sale
  3. Branding boards that bear the nitty-gritty of your brand value proposal
  4. Simply LED screens that display “wallpaper” quality images to promote a theme or ambiance

Digital menu LED displays are the most wholesome of them all. You can display your brand logos and food items, as well as create an indoor ambiance suitable for your restaurant. We have seen breathtaking views of beach sunsets at restaurants serving seafood. Tropical restaurants can transport their patrons to a tropical island by using the LED board displays cleverly.

What does waiting time even mean?

Who likes to wait in a long queue when they are hungry? That’s right, no one! Restaurants that employ display boards at the waiting areas report more satisfying customer experiences. Customers perceive waiting times to be 20% shorter when they have an active display in front of them. The key is to use engaging content for your client to look at while they are waiting to get a table. A smarter way is to use a two-way interactive system to give the waiting customers an illusion of control. Some restaurants even display the waiting time directly on their screens. This reduces the perceived wait time until the appetizers arrive.

One screen is worth a thousand bites

The science is simple. The moment you lay your eyes on arrays of delectable food items, your mouth starts watering. High-quality images have a direct effect on your appetite. Using LED displays in the waiting area gives your patrons an idea about your food. If they see something they like, they are bound to order it.

This boosts the aesthetics and the sales of your restaurant directly. You can control the contents of digital signage with digital media players. These plug-in and play tools, which allow remote management of your content playlists. Start with customizable templates and move on to images, video and scrolling banner within minutes.

Saving time, saving money

Switching from landscape to portrait is a minute’s work with this new plug and play media player. Since these are external attachments, they do not slow down your display speed or image loading effects. You can choose from JPEG, PNG and GIP formats to create interesting display effects on your screen. The new players even allow you to display entire web pages and link your social media content to your display screens.

Signage software is amicable to changes. You can communicate via messages with your target audience easily. You can place the screens wherever you need them. From out of home advertising to indoor décor, you can pick any place to advertise what you are selling. If you want your menu to change every Thursday, you can do that with your new player. If you want to update your menu every day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can do so using digital signage software programs. If you have multiple digital menus all over your restaurants, you can change them all using your digital signage software. One change will reflect on all screens if you can manage it correctly.

Once you invest in digital signage, you can forget to invest in regular promotions and ads. You will not be cumbering the daily routine of your staff by pulling down old posters and introducing new ones. You can easily cut the middlemen for designing, editing and printing your menus once you switch to a digital menu board. You can control all the elements on screen with your digital signage software. This entirely crops the printing cost out of the bright pictures.

Digital menus are more memorable

Anything that is flashier, animated and entertaining is more memorable as compared to traditional menus and display systems. If you want your customers to know and try your day’s specials, you need to present the idea in a buyable format. Digital menu will allow you to couple each item with a lively picture. You can update the item images as many times as you want throughout the week. This will let you display each day’s special separately.

A number of customers are becoming health conscious by the day. You can do what most leading organic and health food kitchens are doing around the world. You can display your food calorie count for each dish along with the benefits of the food beside each item. We are sure; no cardboard sign can ever make a mouth order like digital menus can!

Go operational 24/7

Digital menu lets your restaurant work 24 by seven by telling your story even during off-hours. Say goodbye to flyers and flyer distributors. You can save money and increase your operation hours, thanks to smart digital signage systems. Tell people why they should visit your business during any time of the day. Throw in an exclusive video of your flambé. Show off the good stuff people want to see and taste at your restaurants.

Digital LED screens and displays are now making it possible for restaurants to reach out to target audiences like never before. Start your digital menu game to stop losing customers! Digital menus will not only help you promote all your top selling dishes, but they will also urge your diners to try new items that make them go, “Wow!”.


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