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Optimized Web Page Template


I want to give you a free web page template that will be

search engine friendly. Why?

Well, I assume you want your web page to come up as high as

possible in search engines because that generates free


On the other hand, your page has to deliver value to your

visitors. Most people on the web are not searching to buy

something. They’re surfing the web to find information to

solve a problem or fill their needs. If your page delivers

that, they’ll be back.

Fortunately that is exactly what search engines want you to


Their job is to present the best web pages possible to any

search action. How do they do that?

Well, to be honest: I don’t know! The only people who do

know are the developers of search engine software. And there

are a lot of experts on the web who try to find out how they

do it. But that’s a full time job and I don’t have time for


The only thing I know is that search enines can’t see what

we see on a web page. Just go to any page and click ‘View

Source’ in the menu of your browser. That’s how they see a

page. They spider it, analyze it and perform some

arithmetics with it, way beyond my comprehension.

But they can’t read images or graphics or flash and they

(still) have a lot of troubles with Javascript, dynamic

generated pages, fancy menus and frames.

Their software only does exactly what it is programmed to

do. With millions and millions of pages on the web, they

can’t solve every possible situation. It’s just a general


So, if you make it easy for the engine software to spider

and interpret your web pages, there’s a big chance you come

up high in their rankings. At least you have a big


That’s why I always use a simple HTML-editor. It does

exactly what I put into my pages and it doesn’t include

extra coding. Right now I’m using AceHTML Freeware, but I

also like Arachnophilia a lot.

If the above is true, and I think it is, then your pages

have to be as simple as possible. It should be a clean

mixture between text and HTML tags, with lots of text and as

few tags as possible.

Still, you have to include some techniques to satisfy the

search engine software. There are a few point you have to

keep in mind:

1. the name of a web page should always be the main keyword

of that page; don’t mix keywords; instead write separate

pages for each keyword and link them;

2. always include the main keyword in the Title-tag; keep

the Title limited to 7 or 8 words;

3. always include the Description and Keyword tags and use

your main keyword here; although these tags are less and

less important at the time of writing this article, you’ll

never know if that’s going to change in future;

4. always use one H tag and include your main keyword in it;

5. always use one IMG tag and include your keyword in the

ALT variable;

6. put your navigation and menu on the right side, so your

text is investigated first;

7. try to use your main keyword in an anchor (A) text; I use

a link at the bottom of every page to the top;

8. use your main keyword at the very beginning and at the

end of your text; include some variatons like plurals; don’t

overdue this!

An excellent way to test if your web page is well designed

is to use a free software program that analyzes your page.

You can find this little gem at

These are the main elements to create a good web page.

If you click the link below you will see a page that

contains this article and some extra comments. You can save

that page (in the menu of your browser click ‘Save As’ and

save it on your hard disk. Use the page as a template. Of

course you have to include your own graphics, but don’t

overdo that.

Click here to see and save the free web page template.

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Wish you success,

Case Stevens


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