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Latest Web Development Trends To Follow


Web development is rapidly changing and new software is continuously being introduced. The development trends also change and here are a few trends that you can count on in the coming year.

Being in web development, you would have heard of Docker. This open source tool will be very useful for developers. Docker is basically a container to run your applications anywhere after development. The same container can run on your personal computer or on a Virtual machine or on the cloud. So use of containers will grow and will gain more security features enabling easy development.

The use of Java is declining and this will continue. Instead Node.js or Spark will be used. Of course you need to know Java to be trained in Node.js or Spark, but these new technologies will take over. So as web developers it is essential to update yourself with these languages as they are in demand.

NoSQL is being adopted by a large number of companies. The reason for this is mainly because of the flexibility it offers in terms of scalability, performance and the data model. Big giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon have adopted NoSQL mainly because their business revolves around the internet. As there are more and more internet based applications being developed within enterprises, NoSQL has big opportunity to penetrate as it is highly scalable and does not require fixed schema like other relational databases. As web developers it is highly recommended to understand this technology. In due course many more big companies would be adopting this database to keep up with the changing trends in web technology.

Spark will be widely used for web development. Spark framework is actually a simple Java web framework where developers don’t have to know XML and allows very fast and rapid development. Spark is popular because of its ease of use and simple and straightforward architecture.

Real-Time Analytics is a trend that will take over in this year. It will change all the sectors of business from retail to manufacturing and finance. There are various applications of Real time analytics for example in a Customer Management System, the analytics can provide minute by minute updates for a customer which can be useful to make a business decision quickly. As web developers it is recommended to know how to use real time analytics as there would be a major shift in the industry and the way businesses work.

Another trend that would be seen in this year is the management of Big Data which mainly helps companies to get information from unstructured large volumes of data like call detail records or log files. As part of management of big data, companies need to decide which data needs to be retained and which data can be disposed. The retained data is then used for analysis so as to get a competitive advantage in the market.

As a web developer it is essential to know the new trends in and upgrade yourself to be able to develop unique and effective websites.


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