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Intuit Website Builder – An Easy Option For Website Design and Hosting


Many business owners struggle with creating their own websites. Web design can be difficult and web designers tend to be very expensive. Intuit has created an easy to use website design program that can help anyone create their own website. This tool is an excellent choice for creating your first website if you are new to the world of web design. More experienced professional designers will find that this program also suits their needs. Intuit’s web design and hosting are wonderful options for everyone to utilize.

The process of web design and creation is simple. To begin, simply select a template from over 2,000 designs. These templates are unique and modified to suit the web design needs of 100s of different industries. Each template contains all that is needed for a complete, well-constructed web site. The templates take care of design, navigation, and functionality.

Once a template has been selected, the next step is customization. Use the template as base to input pictures, text, fonts, graphics, and any other elements that you desire. Graphic and images can be selected from a comprehensive gallery of 250,000 free graphics or can be any image that you supply. Businesses are free to use their custom logo on the site or can create a banner by typing in their company name. Almost anything can be customized. You decide the fonts, colors, content and links that the site will offer. Within minutes, your site will look like a custom, professionally designed website.

Creation of the website is as simple as following the previous two steps. Posting the site to the web is just as simple. With Intuit’s web hosting, a few simple clicks will place your site on the internet for all to see. Changes are simple to make and can be completed whenever you desire. In addition, you can use your own web address and will receive custom email addresses.

Now that you see the simplicity and ease of using Intuits website builder, you may want to learn more about how this program can be used for your business.

How much will it cost?

Intuit’s website builder is included as a part of their web hosting packages. Prices start at $4.99 per month for personal websites. Businesses may be interested in their business package which is only $19.99 per month. Professional users will want to purchase the Professional package which will run $49.99 per month. All of these packages include web hosting through Homestead Technologies, an Intuit company.

Will it be difficult to learn and use?

As explained earlier, Intuit’s website builder is one of the easiest ways possible to build a website. A template is selected and then customized. Customization is easy to complete and requires no knowledge of computer programming, HTML, or web site design. Intuit will provide everything that you need including: ready-to-use text, graphics, fonts and images.

What are the prospective negative aspects of this product?

No product is perfect. While Intuit’s website builder offers many powerful and easy to use tools, it will not be the solution for everyone. One thing to consider as you decide if this program is right for you is the amount of pages that will be available. Personal websites created using this platform will be small with a 5 page maximum. The small business account offers 100 pages. Users are also limited to the number of sites that they can create. One final concern is that websites must be hosted by Intuit. If you decide to move your site to another web host, you will lose your custom created site and have to start the design process over.

While Intuit website builder may not be for everyone it a great resource for individuals and companies looking for a quick and easy way to establish an online presence.


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