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Implementing ISO 9001 With Web Hosted Contract Management Software


ISO 9001 certification establishes Quality management system in any organization. As has been the experience with many implementations, it has been found that implementation part is very simple but taking it forward and maintaining it for times to come, is difficult. This is because in almost all such implementations, maintenance of any management system needs duplication of work as some additional forms in line with ISO systems are required to be filled up. Generally these forms are not in sync with organization’s day-today working and thus call for extra work. QMS as per ISO 9001 fail here precisely because of this reason.

There are some good contract management soft-wares which can be employed to great effect in these organizations so that day today requirement gets integrated with ISO 9001. The forms can be developed while integrating the organization culture and work requirement. These forms and reporting system on one hand fulfills the requirement of ISO 9001-QMS while on the other hand complies with the day today requirements keeping the organization culture intact.

Further good contract management software can bring about best practices and organization’s working can be bench marked against the best in profession. Handling customer grievances in a professional way is also an essential part of matured management system. Professional and standardized forms can be used to develop a perfect customer complaint management system. Contract management software can also be used to carryout contract review at regular intervals.

Most important point in any management system is involvement of top management. If it is not forthcoming then even sound Management System will fail.


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