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If You're Not Using Gigpress with Your WordPress Band Website: You Must Be Nuts!


Yes … I'm a Big Fan of WordPress Band Themes

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of WordPress for musician websites so I thought that this week I'd discuss one of the cooler tools that are available to use with WordPress which just happens to be what I think is an incredible website CMS (Content Management System). It's also no secret that I think that offline marketing for indie bands tend to be more rewarding and lucrative than the online activities that most bands put to work in their careers today but I digress …

Anyway, today I'm going to be talking about the powerful plugin known as Gigpress. Gigpress is a cool little tool that when combined with your WordPress website gives you the ability to very easily post your gigs on your website and let your fans and any music industry people know, when and where you'll be playing at anytime. It's a very powerful little addon that also links up to your WordPress posts and articles so if you get a great review you can link it up to your next gig and have your new visitors, first read about how great you are, and then instantly find out where they can go to see you play. How awesome is that?

What Is Gigpress?

Now Gigpress has been around for quite some time and their support is pretty good as far as WordPress plugins go, but in my experience I've had very little to no trouble getting this little bad boy installed in as little as 5 minutes. In terms of figuring out how to use it, you should have that down in even less time than that. Of course all of these assumptions are based on the fact that you already have at least a vague familiarity with WordPress and how to go about installing plugins.

I decided to talk about Gigpress with you today because it really was made with you in mind. The musician who needs to keep fans and music industry people up to speed with the details of their touring and gigging agenda. I still remember how difficult it was to keep our touring and gigging schedules updated online back before WordPress and its thousands of plugins had become so widely used and accepted by musicians. So with that in mind … I thought to myself why not share what I've learned and let you know about one of the cooler tools that you can put to use on your band website. Believe me, once you put this little bad boy into action, I doubt you'll ever want to use another gadget to handle your gigging updates on your band website again.

See Gigpress is going to be a lifesaver for you if you actually do go about putting it to use on your band's website. Just get past the installation and you'll be posting your touring schedule up for the next year in no time. Heck, most of you already know my longstanding joke about how things are so easy that even drummers can figure it out. Well this is no exception … and no I'm not getting paid or approved to promote Gigpress either. Of course it'd be nice if they did … so if you hear that they're looking for someone to sponsor, please do send them my way. But all kidding side, it really is a very useful tool for you and your band. If for some incredibly stupid reason you're not already posting when it is you and your band are playing next, and for at least the next few months, do yourself a favor and head on over to and download this little addon and put it to use immediately. And do not tell me that you post your gigs on Facebook because again, I'll have to give it to you straight and tell you … who cares?

You Do not Have Your Own Band Website Yet … Are You Kidding Me?

Most of you should already know how I feel about using Facebook as your primary source of information for your fans and the industry in general. Give it up and get yourself a website … and yes, make it WordPress. It's just so easy to get yourself setup with a cool and efficient easy to update site that if you have not put one up yet, you should really be ashamed of yourself. So if you're still reading this and you have not hit up yet, what the heck are you waiting for? If you're gone over there when I first started talking about their cool little plugin, you've already been posting your gigs up on your band's website.


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