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How to Make an Autoblog


Millions of people have the dream of an Internet business which not only thrives, but makes money on autopilot. However, most will not realize this dream because of the simple fact that the *majority* of online business models require constant attention and upkeep. This is a problem which turns many people away from Internet business, but there’s actually a little-known way to make money on autopilot, that doesn’t require any work at all – autoblogging.

The term “autoblogging” describes a way to make a website which auto-updates itself. It’s simply where you take a WordPress blog and then automatically update its contents with other people’s. Many people have websites which use “RSS feeds”, which are there to be republished… so we just need to be able to create a blog which automatically takes these feeds and puts them on our site. This not only takes the hassle out of writing content, but it also gives us assured quality in our posts.

To create an “auto blog”, you simply need two things. The first is a WordPress blog which is hosted on your own server. In case you don’t know, a WordPress blog is basically a type of website which allows you to post content and it appears on the site in chronological order. WordPress is very popular, and if you use the right plugins, you can actually make it automatically post other people’s content to your site.

The second thing you need is the plugin which grabs RSS feeds every day, and then republishes them on your blog. There are a few of these online, including one called WP-O-Matic. These basically install on your blog, and then every day, read the RSS feeds you tell them to, and post new posts on your site, giving you automated content. This is the basis of auto-blogging, because these tools allow you to post your content without lifting a finger, but there’s a little more to it than that.

You can make a LOT of money with auto-blogging, because you can “syndicate” a lot of quality content onto your site and then immediately start getting traffic for it. However, creating one of these blogs takes a lot more than just installing one plugin. The problem is that many people just get basic web feeds which do not have any content inside, and leave a really lame theme on their blog. This leaves your site looking bland and uninviting, which is worthless. In order to make serious cash from this, you need to be able to do several things to your blog, such as improve its theme and add some other plugins to make it more user-friendly.


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