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How to Convert PSD to XHTML


First of all one needs to understand what a PSD is and what XHTML is. Then one needs to go on and understand the importance of converting PSD to XHTML Or converting PSD to CSS. PSD is a file format that images are stored in. More specifically a PSD file is an Adobe Photoshop file format. This is a proprietary file format of Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is a very convenient software to create and edit images. This is a format that is growing in popularity with millions of web designers choosing to create their web templates in this format and distribute them on the internet. However, it is not easy to use a PSD format image as a web site template as it is.

There is some work that needs to be done on this image and then it needs to be converted into a language that the internet browsers understand. This is where conversion of PSD to XHTML comes in and plays an important role in web development.

Web designers store their web templates as PSD images to give the buyer a good idea of how the web site will look like once the PSD to XHTML conversion is complete. However, since the PSD images will invariably need to be worked on to merge them into the theme of the rest of the site the images will need to be altered in thesoftware they were created in – Adobe Photoshop.

Now everyone knows that Adobe Photoshop is a very expensive software and not everyone can operate it proficiently, nor can every one afford it, unless of course one is going to be using it on many sites and would like to learn how to use it. But for those who do want to learn and buy a cheaper version there are compatiblesoftware available that are designed to be compatible with PSD files.

A PSD file is opened in a compatible imaging software and the slices are changed around to remove or add components like buttons, images, text boxes and the like. The background color or image can also be altered likewise and the whole template changed to suit the webmaster.

Then these images are saved and integrated into the XHTML as individual images and components. When the PSD to XHTML conversion is complete the web site will look just like the PSD template perhaps a little better. The format such as the column, image placement, size and shape will remain the same if required.

XHTML is the web designing language. This language is used to develop very complex websites. To aid this process of development and to cut down on a lot of work and time website developers make and market hundreds of thousands of PSD templates that can be easily and quickly converted to live web pages simply by converting the PSD to XHTML code and hosting it as a live web site.

All one needs to do is to buy the template of choice and send it in to an online PSD to XHTML conversion service and have a perfectly coded XHTML site ready for uploading.


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