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How to Build a Great Website on Your Web Hosting Plan


What is the webhosting company’s own site like?

Accessing the website of a webhosting company should give you an immediate impression of how simple it is going to be to work with them. Simple page navigation, previews of templates, potentially access to developers and open pricing structures will give clues about the ease with which you can build the outstanding website you have dreamed of.

Take up a free trial offer

Some web hosting packages are offered with a free trial of a couple of weeks or in some instances a month, so you have the chance to decide whether their service is suitable. This type of guarantee is generally the mark of a well-established and customer focused web hosting company. They have clearly already created a good enough reputation in the industry to be able to offer a free sample of their service, rather than hooking you in and not letting you go again no matter how much you struggle.

Check out the level of customer support

Have a look at the demonstration videos posted on their site to get a better idea of the features you can design for your own online presence and to see how reliable the customer support is going to be. Cheaper deals with terrible customer support are all over the internet, so be selective and choosy about quality back up. If there are testimonials and write ups in the media, take time to read what others have to say, as they are mini references for the web hosting provided.

Test the quality of the template design

The quality of the templates offered by web hosting providers can vary quite significantly, and since design is going to be a priority to gain the trust and respect of your customers, you need plenty of variety between templates and their available themes so you can make an informed decision.

Consider how much the add-ons cost

Consider the format you require. Do you for example want a simple page or two, or are you intending to include galleries and catalogs, an extensive blog, live streaming… check out what comes as standard and what are add-ons with add-on tariffs.

It’s often surprising how the final cost can build up to quite a monthly bill with just a few extras which you have considered to be standard but which are actually charged as additional features by your host.

Think about access to visual material

Visuals are so important on a good website, and it pays to spend time considering color schemes as well as actual written content. Ask whether you can drag blocks of text around, load your own images and HTML and how far you can configure for yourself without being restricted by the one size fits all concept.

Some web hosting companies have comprehensive photo galleries with free or at least cheap access by their customers, and this can be a bonus if you are not sure where to find your images. A free trial is invaluable in terms of playing around with layout and seeing whether what you want is really possible with the templates and tools provided.


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