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How A Housewife Working with Online Business: Nia Feriha Story

How A Housewife Working with Online Business: Nia Feriha Story
Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hi there. I’m Nia! Proud mother to 3 kids. Yup, you count that right! They are the 3 cuties that like to wreak havoc into my life. However, they are also the driving force that gives me life and strength to always be better!

What was your ecommerce experience now; you launched your online store?

Yes, sharing this love and passion, I have an online store called My Little Nia (my daughter’s name btw) Store! It’s a store that has EVERYTHING that you ever need for YOUR FAMILY.

So, what is your business niche?

I focus on this variety product niches

  • Household Stuffs
  • Maternity
  • Baby
  • Toys
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Work From Home Gadget
  • In-House Fitness
  • Pets
What is the main reason should your future customer consider shopping at your store?

I have 6 main reasons why my future customer should shop at My Little Nia store.

✅ Up to 50% Discount Storewide + 10% Extra when you Subscribe!

✅ Internationally Trusted & Most Secure Payment Methods!

✅ FREE Shipping Worldwide

✅ 47 days Money Back Guarantee! (Buyer Protection 🔒 with every purchase)

✅ Weekly Updates of Hot & New Products!

✅ Direct 24/7 Customer Service!

How do you promote your stores?

I’m doing all that I can from writing blog for organic growth, regularly update all the My Little Nia social media platform

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