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Hotel Templates That Let You Step Into Celebrities’ Slippers


Someone who has ever had a need to stay in a hotel may know that sometimes it’s a difficult process to choose a necessary apartment which will suit your request both for price and quality. What is more, even if the hotel visitor has made a decision for a preferable hotel, he may want to get all the necessary support in a few clicks.

If you are a hotel owner you are sure to know this. You also know, that your visitors want to have all the necessary information like hotel location and driving coordinates, detailed description of services, rooms types and prices, discounts, special offers and so on clearly available on the website. Probably the most important thing is that the customer should be able to book a room and get a good booking confirmation at once. Also, your website visitors should be aware of any news that appears in your hotel.

Well, anyone will agree that to fit the above-mentioned demands it will be very useful and even the only solution for web promotion – to have a premade web template. Choose it considering the plugins and implementations, design, your coding skills etc.

What Should a Template for Hotel Business Look Like?

Having considered all these requests to a website of a hotel, let’s imagine, how should a template for hotel business look like?

1. Booking form. It’s probably the most important implementation you should have for a hotel site. Let it be beautiful and handy to make the booking process easy and pleasant. Most of your customers wouldn’t like to make extra calls spelling their names (sometimes with mistakes) but would like to fill in the form and get a confirmation at once.

2. Room showcase. It’s up to you to decide how will you arrange it, but your visitors must have a look on the rooms to decide if they need a standard variant or some benefits of “lux” should be provided. You may use gallery options, sliders or anything you wish to do this.

3. Contact information. It’s great if you could have a contact form to make a customer able to ask anything that worries him anytime. It’s also good if your contacts are not just written somewhere on the page button, but if you have them separately in the drop-down menu, as well a map with directions will be a great advantage.

Others: You may also decide if you need to have a restaurant menu (with the corresponding plugin), extra services descriptions, personnel representation and hotel history sketch.

That’s what you can find in this collection of templates for the hotel business. These basic and great many other useful plugins, options, and extra implementations are available to help you with your hotel web promotion.

Template Solutions for Luxurious Hotels

Creating a website for a hotel business, you should also consider the object class and the specificity of guests – either you would have just tourists intending to stay for one night or business visitors. The last ones, for example, will cause additional requests for a theme (stylish design, advanced implementations etc).


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