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Help! Where Are My Website Images?


Today, I’m going to talk about a few tips that can help save you time and some frustration with your website images. Images on your website can be a little tricky to deal with. One very common mistake that can drive you crazy (I know it has me!) is trying to figure out why your images do not show up once you have loaded your new website to your host and should be live on the internet!

Let’s say that you used a website template that someone else created to build your new website. Typically you will have an index page along with a few others that will be your basic site. There will also be an images folder that has all the images for your site. So you create your site and everything looks great, even when you use the preview mode in whatever HTML editor you have.

Then you upload your site and all of a sudden no images? What in the world is going on? Again, I tell you this drives me nuts and it seems every time I build a new site, I always forget this! The problem is the images no longer have the same link once you load them to your site.

You see the template you used had everything linked together when you got it so everything would work properly. Now that you put your site live the links have to be changed to where ever your images are stored. Typically all your images would go in a folder and that folder is placed in your “publics” directory along with your index page and anything else that any one can view from your site.

So your link to all your images is going to look something like this: “” so all your links to any image has to be changed before it will work. A lot of templates you might use today also have JavaScript files such as “menu.js” or sidebar.js and so on. The nice thing about this method is you can change a link in one of these files and it changes it through out your whole site.

If your site is set up that way, most of your image links would be changed there too. If not you just have to make sure you are changing your image links to match where your files are now located. One other thing to be aware of is the size of your images. If you have taken images from other sources and used them for your site, there is a chance they may be too big. This can cause your site to be very slow loading and or the images may not be clear and will not look right.

This could create some problems with search engines that you want to get listed with. Although load time is not greatly important for ranking. It is still a good idea to make sure your site loads quickly and all your images are clear and look professional. Here is a nice little tool you can use once you have your site uploaded. It will check your spelling, HTML code, images and give you a detailed report. It is extremely important to have all these things correct if you want to get a higher ranking and that always means more visitors!


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