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How to Get Ahead on Your Social Media Marketing Plan for 2018

How to Get Ahead on Your Social Media Marketing Plan for 2018

Different social media platforms are often considered as the wild child of every business’ marketing team as it has a real and measurable impact on their success. That’s why social media management should no longer live in a silo; it must be worked on in harmony with the rest of your business tactics.

So how can your business grow with social media marketing? Although most businesses nowadays understand the importance of social media, not all of them have the ability to form effective and successful social media marketing strategies for their businesses. Creating a social media plan template can help your business get ahead on your social media marketing plan.

If you are finding it difficult to formulate a social media marketing plan, we’ve put together the basic and important guides to coach you through the process. Read on and learn.

What is a Social Media Marketing plan?

Knowing what exactly you are doing is an important step in every process. So let us understand first what a social media marketing plan is and how does it work for your business?

Basically, a social media marketing plan is a document that serves as a template or outline of what you aspire to accomplish through your social media efforts and how you forestall measuring those efforts, and what are the activities you will carry out to reach your marketing goals.

Evaluating Your Business Objective

Defining and constantly evaluating your business goals and objectives escalates your rate of success. This step should not be skipped and taken for granted. There is no way you can create a proper social media marketing game plan without looking through your business objectives. For example, if your business objective for 2018 is to up your market share in a specific niche or category, then your social media marketing plan has to be aligned with that specific objective. This could also improve the value of your brands or services since it helps you find the right alignment and connection between your brand/services and your customers.

Indeed, setting strategic objectives can help you set in motion the directives necessary to reach different goals you have identified through the planning process. And constantly evaluating and revisiting these objectives allows you to rightfully define the course you will take to reach your business ultimate goals.

Timeline is Important

Creating a timeline is crucial to carry out your social media marketing plan. Remember, you could end up scrambling at nowhere if you fail to plan your social media calendar in advance.

For example, if you do not plan what contents you should post on your channel and when to post it, you could lose the opportunity to engage your audience and attract new followers.

So take time to plan out your own social media content calendar as this allows you to plan and schedule out months of valuable contents ahead of time, and save a ton of time sharing it on social media.

Set Aside a Social Media Marketing Budget

Social media does not require the budget to start and its free. No. That’s a big lie. Social media is no longer free. Like anything else, there is a predetermined amount of space out there, and your whole social media marketing plan’s success depends on your organic reach capability. Even if you’re producing a consistent amount of content, it pays to have a budget in place. You’ll see more reasons why you need enough budget after reading the next paragraphs.

Hire Personnel Accordingly

For you to establish a successful social media channel that hosts valuable and quality contents for marketing purposes, you need a team, a staff that is composed of members with relevant expertise.

And to tell you, gone are the times when you could hope to outstrip others with a stellar community manager. To succeed in 2018, you will be needing a right hybrid of skills and resources. An experienced community manager will always come handy when you have a growing community, but so is a content development professional. You may have a content lead on your team that specializes in different fields like blogging, photography, cartooning, etc. depending on what kind of business you are in. You may also need a team member with video skills: basically speaking, someone with a talent for shooting and someone who excels at editing. Now that you already have terrific contents, you may also opt to hire a social media specialist. And to keep all these persons work in harmony, it’s always a good idea to have a project manager who controls everything.

Remember, it is very important that you at least give some thought to how you’re going to handle all the different responsibilities on implementing a viable social media channel as your excellent marketing strategy.

Keep Up to Date with Industry Trends

Live videos, paid e-commerce ads, Instagram. These were the trends in social media marketing this year of 2017. But changes and trends are constant. What you know yesterday may be outdated today. That’s why its imperative that your team’s skill keeps growing and does not regress if you want your social media marketing plan to resonance the times unswervingly.

And in 2018, some of the expected social media marketing trends are Chatbots, Dynamic Ads, Live videos, and social media influencers. These trends, of course, need some specialized tools and strategies to reach a highly relevant audience at the right time.

If you are now to develop your social marketing plan, you should also take a time to make a list of resources you can continually use to stay ahead. Examples of these resources are Social Media Current, RSS nerd, and Feedly. Subscribing to these resources helps you keep your social marketing plan current.

All in all, the successful implementation of your social media marketing plan depends on how you will be able to control and manage it. You should be able to regularly track your results, analyze data, and make some tweaks to optimize them. A successful social media strategy is never set in stone. It is a relentless work in progress that changes when needed.


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