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Future of PSD to WordPress Conversion


PSD to WordPess conversion comes into real picture with the launch of PHP based WordPress in 2003. Since its inception, this PSD conversion is giving tough competition to the other Content Management Systems (CMS). From past few market reports, a constant growth has been noticed in the statistics of converting PSD to WordPress. Interestingly, more than 12 percent of the top million websites across the globe are using open source blog publishing WordPress CMS for creating great user experiences. Gradually, WordPress theme/template development, customization and integration is becoming one the most sought-after forms of web development.

Benefits of converting PSD to WordPress by using open source WordPress:

Easy-to-update: WordPress theme and templates are really easy to install, upgrade and import. By using this advanced CMS, an individual can easily manage web-pages of WordPress driven website.

Full standards compliance: The WordPress generated high-quality codes are fully compliance with W3C standards. In today’s multi-browser compatibility era, W3C compliant standard validated web portals holds relatively significant importance from SEO and compatibility point of perspective.

Password Protected Posts: It is the most unique feature of this powerful blog publishing tool through which one can give password to individual post in order to hide them from general public.

Spam protection: It is one-of-its-kind interesting feature from the box of WordPress. With integrated blacklist and open proxy checker, an individual can easily manage comment spam of the web portal without any hassle.

Full user registration: WordPress based websites comes with a built-in user registration system by which people can get register and maintain profiles for leaving comments. On top of that, an individual can also stop comments of non-registered users by simply closing comments for them.

Since, the web development industry is constantly getting advanced with the newfangled technologies and it’s really tough to figure out the future. In the future, there may be a decline in demand of PSD to HTML/XHTML/CSS conversion services as per market trends so far. The web development industry constantly shifting towards PSD to WordPress conversion.


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