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Free Helpful Marketing Apps for Starting an Online Business

Free Helpful Marketing Apps for Starting an Online Business

If you’re planning on opening a web business, you’ve probably cringed at the price tag on marketing tools. You’re lucky if you can find a single tool for under $50 a month. 

And the costs really start to add up- tools for graphic design, SEO, CRM, social media management. Before you know it, you’re deeper in the hole than you ever imagined. 

The good news is, if you’re still in the planning stage there’s still time! Meaning, you can still get a hold of all the money-saving, marketing goodies. 

So before you get in over your head with overpriced software, consider the free alternatives. There’s a handy tool for every step of your marketing process. 

Below are the best tools for the different parts of your marketing strategy. Check them out! 


This tool is excellent for proofing your writing and checking its readability. Like most editing tools, the Hemingway Editor performs a grammar and spelling check.

But the coolest part is, it tells you the reading level of your writing, if there are any overly-complex sentences, and the tone. This way you can be sure your content is easy for your target audience to digest. 

Never run out of blog topic ideas again! With this tool, you just type in your keywords and you’ll be presented with a week’s worth of topic possibilities. 


This is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that gives the important details of the keywords you search. You’ll see the CPC, search volume, and competition levels. 

Google offers this free tool to help you get a better glimpse at keywords and how they’ve been trending over time. It also suggests similar keywords and phrases. This way you can get an idea of what people typically search for. 

Social Media

Anyone can use this tool for free for up to 3 social media accounts. With Hootsuite you can schedule, manage, and analyze data from each of your separate social media accounts. Conveniently organized under one dashboard.

For creating content that’s aesthetically pleasing, this is your go-to graphic design tool. It provides templates and tools for customizing your content. Use this for social media posts, your blog, marketing materials, and so much more. 

Engaging Content

Create, edit, and customize video content with Adobe’s free tool. You can work with your own footage or create animations. The great thing about this tool is that it’s extremely user-friendly compared to some of Adobe’s more advanced software. 

Content is made fun with SurveyMonkey. With interactive content you can entertain your audience, while learning more about them. 

Customize your own quizzes and polls for a great way to get audience interaction. This type of content is great for both your website and social media shares. 

Customer Relations

Track customer data and analyze interactions with this free tool. Make sure nothing gets overlooked so you can continue to build long-term customer relationships. 


Use this free, easy-to-use tool to get your logo designed within minutes. Just upload an icon of your choice and use the color picker and design features to get your logo just how you want it. 

A no-frills, no-hassle resource. Just simple but elegant logo creation.

Need a professional signature for your business Emails? With WiseStamp you can pair your signature with a branded design for an impressive way to end your Emails. 

Web Analytics

With this tool, you can see a visual representation of patterns in your website traffic. Hotjar uses heatmap technology to show you exactly where people linger on your website. This way you can optimize your site better for conversion.


Mr. Gutierrez has worked in the creative as well as marketing fields for several years since graduating from NYU. His experience and interest in writing allow him to draft actionable articles that allow entrepreneurs and marketers to get more marketing done for less. He’s also an avid surfer and football player.