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Four Ways to Grow Your Web Design Business


Growing a web design company is not everyone’s cup of juice. There are some people who are just as happy being a freelancer and taking on contracts as they come. For those who want to run their website design company as a business, here are some tips in how to grow your business.

1. Take every website design quote seriously

One exception to this rule, of course, is spam. All other leads you should take seriously. If during your conversation with this potential client it begins to sound like they really don’t have a budget that you can work with, don’t be afraid to say no. Remember, every contact is a potential future contract or at least you have expanded your network.

2. Maintain relationships with your clients

You may have had a great relationship with your client when they first contracted you to design their website. In fact, they may have been a great referral for you. But then you get a call from your client you haven’t heard from or contacted in a couple of years and they inform you that they have a new web design company building their new website and they want the code to transfer the domain name. At some point, it happens to the best of us.

You want to maintain contact with your clients because you want to be the first company they think of when it is time to upgrade their website. You can do this by providing a company newsletter that goes out to your clients at least every two months. This newsletter should only be filled with tips and tricks such as how to update their website rather than marketing to them.

3. Join a business networking group

There are several business networks that cater to businesses you may consider joining, such as your local Chamber of Commerce, BNI group, Rotary club or others that business owners often join. You should get your name out there and build your business reputation.

4. Don’t think of yourself as a freelance designer

If you do not want your business to grow, just go from contract to contract. But if you want your business to grow, start thinking more like an entrepreneur than a starving artist. If you begin to think like a business you will begin a plan to move away from the main one person show and hire talented designers and programmers to build the websites. This will enable you to connect with clients and potential clients and to focus on building your business.


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