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Custom or Template: Which Website Will Suit Your Organization the Best? Part I


The rapidly changing marketing strategies and the fast growth of the online markets inspire the company owners to cultivate unique ideas and concepts in order to keep pace with this evolution. Web sites being the virtual face of any organization, take a lot of toll on the entrepreneurs. It’s really a hard task for the company owners to think whether the website is fine or should it be redesigned. With huge options handy to create a website for your own company, choosing between the custom and template websites can still make you confused.

If we ask the company owners to give votes on them, both of them may get to some extent the same vote. The reason is that both of them have their own advantages and limits. Custom designed websites are created from the scratch where the owner’s choices are adopted, while in the template websites, the owners don’t get that freedom. The sites are made on a pre-prepared template which is re-modified. So, what are the basic differences?

Custom vs Template Website Designing

Design: Custom sites are fully created based on the client’s requirements. While template websites are rebuilt on an installed template.

Creation process: Experienced web designers can create well-decorated custom websites. While to create template websites, designers don’t require that much skill.

Coding: Background coding should be strong for building custom sites, while in template web pages, no coding is required.

Budget: No matter how the site is or for which purpose it is built, custom website development definitely need more budget than the template websites, as they are made totally from the scratch.

Of course, building a template website is easier than the custom website because it requires only modification on the frame of the templates prepared beforehand. But to make the custom websites, the designers should know the entire coding for the design process.

Yet, these two websites have almost same demand in the market. This is due to certain reasons-

Websites are now a very common thing for both the small and big companies. Most of the small scale organizations don’t have that much budget to afford a fully custom website as its expense is quite higher than the template websites. Therefore, they hire a freelance web designer to design a static or even simple dynamic site that can be remodified on the downloaded templates.

Template sites make the entire process simple as it requires no coding or complex back-end services. While the large-scale organizations go for the custom websites to make a unique website for their company.

We will discuss more in our next article.


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