Best Secure Web Browser: Cruz Browser Review


Cruz is a powerful web browser designed for Mac OS X. This application enables users to easily set up multiple panels in their browsers and surf the web while still keeping tabs on their social media accounts. This open source browser project is based on WebKit and has some unique features that can’t be found in any other browser.

Specially designed for Mac users, this innovative web browser can be downloaded for free. Web developers can participate to the project and submit their own applications and plugins. Cruz allows users to browse multiple pages simultaneously in split views and open links from their Twitter timeline. The browser has a user friendly interface and offers a full screen mode. This application was created by Todd Ditchendorf, the guy who has created the popular browser Fluid.

Cruz is very similar to the Safari web browser. Tab behavior, web inspector, and even key shortcuts all retain their Safari-like functionality. The main difference in both the appearance and the functionality of the two browsers lies in the buttons on the right side of the toolbar. These are the features that make Cruz so popular. This social browser takes the popular WebKit engine and basic Safari font and adds Firefox-style plugins. Some of its key features include:

• Support for Lion full screen mode

• Lion compatibility

• Complete session restore

• Multiple Twitter accounts supported.

• Full web inspector

• Tiny URL creation

• Keyboard shortcuts

• Singe window browsing mode

• Open plugin architecture

• Hidden closed tabs

• Built-in Twitter plugin

• Full screen mode

• Multiple panes

• User friendly interface

• Thumbnails and web address shortcuts

• Side-by-side browsing

• High speed

• Stability

Users can compare two web pages at a time or drag text from one to another. Cruz has a special feature called Browsa Panel, which allows you to open additional browser panes in your main window. This feature is very useful when you want to view multiple web pages simultaneously. You can also check out your Twitter stream just by clicking on the Twitter button in the top right corner of the browser.

Cruz enables users to browse sites like WordPress and Digg in Cover Flow fashion. This brand new program offers a unique blend of social networking and browsing all in a single application. Users can coordinate research from multiple sources, display link thumbnails on websites that support it, and use tiny URL conversions. The web inspector window displays information about the web pages you visit. Although the browser doesn’t support bookmarks yet, it offers complete session restore.


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