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Are You Suffering From Slow Internet Problems?


Whoever said that it is normal to experience slow internet connections even at midnight, or any time of the day, must have probably gone through so much PC speed trauma until such time that he has given up in getting answers. It is NOT normal, definitely not! What’s more, you can absolutely fix this problem without having to contact your internet service provider because chances are, the culprit must have been hiding in your system for a very long time and the only way to catch them is to probe into your hard disk contents. Here is how:

Check your internet settings. Before we touch any of the more serious complications (nothing too complex, promise!) make sure that you have the right specifications to match your hard disk and RAM figures. For instance, you should take note of the type of connection speed that you have availed in your ISP, which could be in the scheme of dial-up, broadband, or DSL connections. You should also be familiar with their differences in terms of uplink and downlink figures, because these values definitely affect the rate of uploads and downloads that you make with your system. If you want to enjoy faster internet connections, you should opt for internet plans that offer higher connection speeds. This will again be broken down with the Uplink and Downlink speed. That is, if you frequently download stuffs in the internet, should the internet plan with higher Downlink speed, and vice versa. Slow internet problems can result to common misconception of these terms, when in fact you only have to be aware of their major differences and how these figures result to slow internet connections.

Clear, delete, empty. These three things mean the same alright, but they all sound different in the name of your internet configurations. By saying ‘clear’, we mean clearing the cache, which includes browsing history, search bar contents, and even cookies and saved passwords. The last few terms also apply to deleting spam content from your computers in order to maximize speed against your slow internet dilemmas. By ’empty’ we are pertaining to the recycle bin, which stores all the trash-whether internet-related or not-and you have to get rid of them if you want your computer to gain a few notches.

Scan and update regularly. Yes, we are now talking about the most effective move towards getting rid of slow internet problems, and that is to install registry protection software that will keep your PC away from online threats that will surely slow your PC down. There are so many proven protection software out in the market, but only few of them are free. Plus, the product reviews may not always be your best companion in choosing these software because they could be fabricated. Just be sure to stick to your goal of keeping your computers clean and fast while spending nothing as much as possible and you will get to enjoy these benefits while surfing at a very desirable speed that you can certainly achieve.


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